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WordPress for Artists: 50+ Creative Gallery and Portfolio Themes

| August 23, 2021
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ArtCulture presents an all-new collection of image-based WordPress themes for artists, photographers and designers. We’ve searched high and low to put together this showcase of over 50 great art/photo gallery and portfolio themes. If you’re looking for a new WordPress template for your digital art gallery, photoblog or design portfolio, chances are you’ll find a number of appealing options here.

Wordpress Themes

With so many new creative WordPress themes being produced on a daily basis, it’s hard to call any collection “definitive”. But we’ve tried to bring together what we view as the best of the best, including  new themes produced in 2011 and slightly older, tried-and-true favorites that have been updated for WordPress 3.2+. If there are other great image-based themes you think should be added to our list, please let us know!

For this showcase we have made a somewhat arbitrary division into two categories, “gallery” and “portfolio“.  Admittedly in some cases there may be little difference between the two. Premium WordPress themes today are all about versatility. Many of the themes here feature multiple configurations, and could be put to a number of different uses. Explore the demo and detail pages to see how each theme might be configured in just the way you want.

We chose these themes because we like them. If you do too and decide to buy one, ArtCulture will receive a small commission, which is one of the ways we bring in revenue to support the site.

If you use WordPress to share or promote your visual art online, what theme do you use and what do you like (or dislike) about it? Use the comments field to respond, and be sure to include a link to your site.

  • Art and Photo Gallery WordPress Themes
  • Design Portfolio WordPress Themes

Art and Photo Gallery WordPress Themes

eGallery | Demo | Details

egallery wordpress theme

ePhoto | Demo | Details

ePhoto Photo Gallery Wordpress Theme

Deep Focus | Demo | Details

Deep Focus Photo Galllery Theme

Gallery | Demo | Details

Gallery Wordpress Theme

Envisioned | Demo | Details

Envissioned Photo Gallery Portfolio Wordpress Theme

Art Gallery | Demo | Details

Art Gallery Wordpress Theme

Statua | Demo | Details

Statua Photo Gallery Theme

Aperture | Demo | Details

Aperture Photo Blog theme

Photoblog | Demo | Details

Photoblog Wordpress Gallery Theme

Photoland | Demo | Details

Photoland Wordpress Gallery Theme

Escape | Demo | Details

Escape Wordpress gallery

Photogrid | Demo | Details

PhotoGrid Photo Gallery Wordpress Theme

Photo Nexus | Demo | Details

Bokeh 3 | Demo | Details

Bokeh3 Photo Gallery Wordpress Theme 1

F-stop 2 | Demo | Details

FStop2 Photo Gallery Theme

MediaReel | Demo | Details

Media Reel Photo Gallery Theme

Duotive Three | Demo | Details

Duotive Three Creative Gallery Theme

Picture This | Demo | Details

Picture This Photography Theme

Photo Gallery | Demo | Details

PhotoGallery Shutter Themes

StudioBox | Demo | Details

Digital Gallery | Demo | Details

Digital Gallery Premium Wordpress Theme

FlashFrame | Demo | Details

Flash Frame Wordpress Theme

Delight | Demo | Details

Delight Photo Gallery theme

Gallerific | Demo | Details

Gallerific Gallery Theme

Atlas | Demo | Details

Atlas Photography Gallery Theme

Work | Demo | Details

Work Photo Gallery theme

Carousel | Demo | Details

Carousel Photography Gallery Theme 1

Through the Lens | Demo | Details

Through the Lens Photo Gallery Theme

Photolist | Demo | Details

Photolist Minimalist Photo Theme

Widescreen | Demo | Details

Widescreen Photography theme

Modularity | Demo | Details

Modularity theme

Photo Workshop | Demo | Details

Photo Workshop theme

Design Portfolio WordPress Themes

ArtSee | Demo | Details

ArtSee Portfolio Wordpress Theme

Lumin | Demo | Details

Lumin Portfolio Wordpress Theme

Nova | Demo | Details

Nova Design Portfolio Theme

Caja | Demo Details

caja theme 1

Dropholio | Demo | Details

Dropholio Creative Portfolio Wordpress Theme

Echea | Demo | Details

Echea Portfolio Wordpress Thee

Sense | Demo | Details

Sense Portfolio Theme

SoulBop | Demo | Details

SoulBop Creative Portfolio Theme

Freshfoliio | Demo | Details

Freshfolio Art Portfolio theme 1

Filtered | Demo Details

Filtered portfolio theme 1

Solo | Demo | Details

Solo Portfolio theme

Blogfolio | Demo Details

blogfolio portfolio wordpress theme

Briefed | Demo Details

Briefed Portfolio wordpress theme

InStyle | Demo | Details

InStyle Design Portfolio theme

Canvas | Demo | Details

Canvas Personal Wordpress theme

Simplicity | Demo Details

Simplicity portfolio wordpress theme

Graphix | Demo | Details

Vimes | Demo Details

Vimes Gallery Portfolio Wordpress Theme

Fashion Design | Demo | Details

Fashion Design Portfolio theme

Jai | Demo | Details


Echoes | Demo | Details


Denizy | Demo | Details


Auzora | Demo | Details


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