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The State of Design – Amazing International Speakers Victorias design Announced 2020

| October 27, 2020 | 0 Comments
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The State of Design – Victorias Design

Victorias design presents DESIGN CAPITAL, Victorias design and business conference, running from Wednesday 16 – Friday 18 July 2008 at the Melbourne Museum as part of the State of Design Festival. Festival Artistic Director and Conference Curator, Ewan McEoin, says, “This conference brings together leading global innovators, designers, business figures, the media and industry to canvass the crucial issues relevant to the world of design and business from Victorias design to the rest of Australia and beyond. It is a strategic event, looking towards a competitive, innovative future for Victorian design and Victorian business”.

Current research reveals 8% of Australian businesses use design services; in the UK it is 68%. This event offers both the design industry and the broader business community an opportunity to collaborate, utilise resources and improve the statistics.

Facilitated by Oliver Freeman, director of the Neville Freeman Agency, DESIGN CAPITAL’s program has been strategically designed to build a picture, across six diverse yet connected themes, of where Victorias design sits in a competitive world, while also predicting new trajectories for design led business from Victoria.

Designing Identity
Victorias Design generates and shifts the identity of individuals, products, brands, and places – creating an individualistic, competitive edge. Deployed well, design solutions provide a double dividend – a return on investment and a return on imagination, creating iconic, strategic outcomes for business.

Place Making
Urban renewal and development creates environments and places to leverage new opportunities for business and community, yet these agendas should be co-dependent and complementary. Architecture and urban planning is crucial to shape the way we will exist tomorrow.

Designing Experience
Invigorating and constantly evolving but always competitive, our ‘experience economy’ harnesses design as a way to ensure consumer engagement, from the theatre of brand to the emotion of products and events.

The Opportunity of Crisis
Designers are well placed to respond to the imminent challenges of climate and society beyond client based output, as designers motivate for change, they create the products, environments and opportunities of the future.

Convergent World
A new generation of design service systems, products and production methodologies are emerging to respond to changing social, environmental, and consumer expectation. Technology-based design processes, digital networks, and sustainable manufacturing are all innovation-led business arenas worth watching.

Commercialisation of Ideas for Export
Plantic, Varian and Knog – three innovative Victorian exporters describe their pathway to market, illustrating the commercial potential of design and manufacturing fed from research.

Keynote international speakers include Anna Klingmann (New York), author of Brandscape; Alan Chochinov (New York), editor-in-chief of Core77; Emily Pilloton (San Francisco), founder of Project H and managing editor of; Theo Williams (London) creative director of Habitat, Dan Hill, (Sydney), head of Online for, Oki and Akihiro Ito (Japan) of Nendo Design Studio and Jackson Tan and Patrick Gan (Singapore) directors of Black Design.

DESIGN CAPITAL is presented by Design Victoria and supported by Niche Media, the Sofitel, Melbourne Museum, R-Co, the Herald-Sun, the City of Melbourne, Mystique, Dalton, and The Carton House, Peter Rowland, Monash University, DesignSingapore Council, the Design Institute of Australia, the Australian Graphic Design Association and Euroluce Lighting Australia.

DESIGN CAPITAL will be held at the Melbourne Museum. To register or for more information please visit

Victorias design and business conference.

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