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The Art of Sadness – Showcase

| February 19, 2022 | 0 Comments
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Everyone gets sad. We all are susceptible to negative thoughts and feelings sometimes. Sadness is a normal emotion that has the ability to make life more engaging. Some of the greatest art in the world was created because the artist was so entrenched in his emotions of sadness, that it bled on to a canvas without control or restraint. Sadness almost always accompanies loss. Loss of life, love, happiness, and the most crushing of all, loss of hope. Hope for something better. Something beyond the feelings that are possessing you at the moment. When you are at your grimmest times, hope is the only thing that will keep you fighting.

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Sadness assists us in appreciating our own happiness. When our mood eventually evolves from sadness toward a sense of hope and happiness, the sense of contrast gives a stronger appreciation for the goodness that does exist. My next article will do just that, in showcasing art about hope, inspiration, & happiness. Below are some tragic artistic expressions. All of these works were picked by me personally, so granted that some of this will be a bit biased toward what strikes me personally. However, I’m confident that my selections will reach most of you.

I divided the showcase into two sections. Photography, and Digital & Traditional. Most of these pieces are not for the faint of heart, and the linked galleries or artists even more so. Many of the showcased artists here have dramatic galleries of sadness, some much too intense to be displayed on this publication. However, none of them are horror and gore artists, they are but looking glasses to the underbelly of humanity. So, visit with care. If you have any pieces to recommend for inclusion in this article, leave a comment and let me know!

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