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Stunning Art Takeshi Murata at Ratio 3 Gallery, San Francisco

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The Artist: Takeshi Murata

The Show: Get Your Self to Mars, Ratio 3 Gallery, San Francisco

April 29 – June 11, 2011

Stunning Art Takeshi Murata at Ratio 3 Gallery, San Francisco
Gumbone and Coke, Takeshi Murata, 2011

The artist Takeshi Murata is best known for his convoluted, psychedelic video animations. In Get Your Self to Mars, Murata’s current show at Ratio 3 in San Francisco, he presents an equally vivid but strikingly different body of work, based not on the sequential unfolding of images and colors, but the timeless relationships of objects in still life compositions.

The objects in Murata’s pigment prints are all digitally fashioned, set in a virtual spaces in which color, light and shadow, and reflection create an aura of hyper-reality.  Murata builds his compositions from an odd but visually coherent set of elements: fruit and eggs, cans and cups, drooping musical instruments and empty video boxes. Some of the images almost look like carefully orchestrated display case photographs–but these still-lifes are almost too still to be mistaken for scenes from physical reality.

Golen Banana 2011 300x217 1
Golden Banana, Takeshi Murata, 2011

Not to exclude the video medium entirely, the show also includes the west coast debut of Murata’s 3-D animation “I, Popeye” , which was featured in the ‘Free’ exhibition at the New Museum in New York last year. Takeshi Murata’s work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, DC, and a number of other locations in the United States, Italy and Japan.

Images courtesy of the artist and Ratio 3.

Art and the Future 2011
Art and the Future, Takeshi Murata, 2011
Expanded Cinema, Takeshi Murata, 2011
Cyborg 2011
Cyborg, Takeshi Murata, 2011

Art Takeshi Murata at Ratio 3 Gallery, San Francisco

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