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Simply Chocolate? Amazing Design 2020

| October 30, 2020 | 0 Comments
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Simply Chocolate? Amazing Design

With Valentine’s Day being today, it may seem a little cliché to be writing about chocolate, but the classic treat seems to be on the minds of many global designers and artists. You may prefer milk over white, or be a connoisseur of the 70% and over variety, but whatever your preference, these chocolate inspired designs are bound to feed your addiction — at least visually.

Nestle Chocolate Factory

As the maker of a plethora of name brand chocolates, Nestle Chocolate factories around the world get a lot of visitors. So when it was time to re-design the visitor’s center at the factory in Paseo Tollocan, Mexico, the people at Nestle knew it had to be done with flair. Before Mexican architect Michel Rojkind came into the picture, the visitor’s center was just another part of the factory itself, but Rojkind proposed to design a whole new building, leading to his crazy, multi-faceted red construction that houses a museum, theater and of course, a gift shop forall of your chocolate needs.

chocolate factory
chocolate factory6
Photos via Yanko Design

Death by Chocolate

The company DL & Co, who normally makes home accessories and stationary with a bit of Gothic flair, teamed up with Valerie Confections to take the well-known expression and turn it into reality, at least visually. Although you probably don’t want to give this to your Valentine sweetheart — skulls have a tendency to not say “I love you” — anyone with an eye for the out of ordinary will most certainly enjoy a skull made with various chocolate concoctions like Curious Chili and Scorched Caramel. The chocolates can be purchased directly at Valerie Confections.

death by chocolate
death by chocolate2
Photos via Lost at E Minor

Chocolate Portable Hard Drive

Although this one isn’t edible, it most certainly is functional. A modular flash drive, the “chocolate squares” plug into a central hub which features a touch screen where you can organize your files. Seems like a must for any tech savvy chocolate lover.

chocolate folder
chocolate folder2
Photos via Yanko Design

Chocolate With a Social Message

Ever purchased a hug bar of inexpensive chocolate, inhaled it and then felt just a tad bit guilty as you look at the empty wrapper? That is exactly what happened to artist Tithi Kutchamuch, but she decided to turn her guilt into inspiration and made a project out of the inexpensive bars to symbolize society’s infatuation with bargain foods which has led to nutrition problems, illness, wastefulness… the list goes on. Socially aware chocolate, now that is something a lot of people should be excited about.

Photos via Tithi

Talking Chocolates

Do you ever find yourself at a loss for words? No need to worry, Australian company Baska-Jon has come up with Sweet Talk, a box of chocolates that speaks — almost literally — for itself. The set comes with 24 bite size chocolaty bits, printed in the classic design font Helvetica.

Photo via Cool Hunting

Socially aware chocolate, now that is something a lot of people should be excited about. Amazing Design

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