Last spring a friend of mine who lived in France told me that the early 90s were back in style. “You mean neon pink and green?” I asked, just slightly shocked.

“Oh yeah, it’s all over the place.”

After spending the summer in France and other parts of Europe, I can attest to the fact that what she said was true. But early 90’s fashion wasn’t just a summer fling, it was a part of a bigger fashion movement known as streetwear.

What is streetwear? You probably have already seen alot of it, you just weren’t able to give it a definition.Debonair Magazine said it well in an issue last fall, “Street wear is youth its a retro 80’s look inspired by the sneaker culture and hipsters on New Yorks Lower East Side. But, don’t confuse street wear with Urban fashion looking like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is miles away from the dark denim, baggy clothing and white sneakers that defined the inner-city’s Urban look.

In honor of the latest fashion craze — that sooner or later you just may fall into — here are a set of essentials to get you started in the trend of streetwear.

Fashion forward designs paired with artist collaborations make the shoes and other fashion merchandise of Dekline , a company based out of California, a hot item. Influenced by the skateboarding and art community, Dekline’s shoes are functional and hip. was personally sent some of this fine footwear to check out, and we can say without a doubt the wear is not only a pretty face, but a pretty darn comfortable shoe.

Dekline shoes are made for individuals who like to look and feel great about themselves on a daily basis. Whether you skate, surf, snowboard, rock in a band, or on your own, Deklines fit the mold for every walk of life. Check out the website to see where you can go to get your own pair of Deklines. Keep your eyes open for all the new Back to School products to hit stores soon!!

Still not sure you want to go with the streetwear theme? Then check out other people who are doing it. Streetpeeper snaps shots of people out and about in big cities around the world. Although not solely devoted to streetwear, you get a good feel for what trends are circulating on the international realm. Ladies won’t want to miss High Snobette which features a whole lot of sneakers and silkscreened t’s. And if nothing else, remember this: in streetwear, color is the new black.