With the close of 2007 finally arriving, I wanted to share some of the best digital art pieces I have come across over the past year. The artwork selected below has been gathered from all corners of the online world of digital artists. Of course all these selections are based on my personal opinion. Complexity, style, originality, and message were my primary discriminating factors for the selections. So enjoy, and be inspired!

Note: The “src” link for each featured piece links to the original, full-size work at the originating web site.

Drug Free Zone by David Fuhrerby (src)

Tromp Loeil by Giel Blankestijn (src)

Morgan le Fay by Diane Özdamar (src)

Poison Ivy by Diane Özdamar (src)

I Don’t Care by Magnus (src)

Only This and Nothing More by Nick Ainley (src)

La Rochelle by Rodo Javor (src)

King by Cristian Osiqueira (src)

Own World by Jerico Santander (src)

The Ultimate Faith by Andrew Mar (src)