Premium WordPress themes have been making there way around the internet for quite some time now. Devoted WordPress enthusiasts have created tens of thousands WordPress themes, among them an elite few have emerged as ‘premium wordpress themes’. You can debate the eligibility of the market all you want, but to us, art is art, and these themes are beautiful pieces of work. Many of these themes extensive capabilities and design allow you to forgo hiring a designer, thus saving thousands of dollars an exclusive design would end up costing.

Many of the premium themes here offer a wide range of design customization options. Allowing the user to easily modify colors, background graphics, logos, column layouts, etc.. When choosing a theme, we suggest looking at the theme provider as well. Do they offer support? If so, how much, and for how long? Are there community forums where you can interface with other users such as yourself? A community forum will be a great help to any user trying to customize their premium theme. Also, do they manage their own company blog? A company blog can be a big incentive for users, allowing them to have transparency with the company, and receive updates and features regularly.

The premium themes below have been handpicked for this gallery due to there total-package appeal, and excellent design. We’ve categorized the themes into five different categories:

  • News / Magazine WordPress Themes
  • Image-based WordPress Themes
  • Video WordPress Themes
  • Business WordPress Themes
  • Personal WordPress Themes

News & Magazine Premium WordPress Themes

Magazine News


Athemia Premium

WP Newspaper

News Pro


PhotoPress Pro



TV Elements 




  Networked Solutions