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IFA Berlin 2008, amazing brief roundup.

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IFA Berlin

The world’s biggest Consumer Electronics trade show, the IFA Berlin , ran from Aug 29th to September 3rd this year. What started out as the ‘Great German Radio Show’ in 1924 has grown and developed into an International multimedia event with products ranging from Home Entertainment to Public Media and Communications, and for the first time, Home Appliances.

The opening Gala on Aug 28th was attended by many leading lights of the design, fashion, music and political world. The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, made a speech where she praised the IFA Berlin and outlined how determined Germany is to be a major player in the High Tech world “I am convinced that the IFA Berlin 2008 highlights a whole new aspect the German Federal Government specifically is promoting in its High-Tech Strategy: the creation of new products and appliances from the ever growing role information and communication technologies play in our daily private and business lives. ” (from the IFA Berlin international, Daily News Source for International Visitors).

In 2007 there was a reported 2.25 billion Euros worth of orders taken at the IFA Berlin. This year the ‘closing report’ was clear:

“Berlin, 3 September 2008 – By the morning of 3 September IFA Berlin 2008 had attracted an attendance of some 220,000 from Germany and abroad. With orders exceeding 3 billion euros all the expectations of dealers and the industry were surpassed.

bosch ecologixx7 dryer tm

With over ten per cent more exhibitors, a ten per cent increase in the volume of orders, and 24 per cent more dealers registered, the successful conclusion of the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances was confirmed.”

With such an enormous amount of products summarizing the exhibition is rather difficult. The thinnest and largest flat-screen televisions, mega-memory camcorders and green kitchen appliances were among the hotly-tipped products.

Maybe it’s hard to get worked up about appliances that inevitably tie you to domestic chores (they still haven’t invented a self-stacking dishwasher or a dryer that folds your clothes as well as drying them). That said, there is still a great deal of interest in the new generation of products. With clothes driers and dishwashers being among the most energy-greedy appliances , developing more efficient products has been a priority.

Bosch have been leading this with claims that the its EcoLoggixx 7 model uses 40% less power because of it’s heat-pump technology. The ubiquitous IFA Girl models the door in the IFA newsletter (see picture ).

Which is all well and good, but…do they come with a built-in TV?

Yes, these are the latest appliances that might actually keep your attention – those that have TVs in them!

vestel dishwasher tv tm

These are, sadly, not going to go on sale anytime soon, but show that innovation is still alive a kicking. And let’s face it – if any company in the future can combine a kitchen appliance that has a 40% energy saving with a kick-ass TV, everyone is a winner!

The exhibition also has several ‘Special Exhibitions’ that are additional to the exhibitor stands. This year they included ‘The most expensive sound system in the world (TADW)’:

“… the HiFi, surround sound and music magazine AUDIO is again presenting the ”most expensive sound system in the world”. This high-end ensemble is a major attraction for the public. HiFi enthusiasts and home cinema fans can experience what the most expensive and complex audio-video system which the market has to offer with their own eyes and ears.” (from the IFA newsletter )

vestel refridgerator tv tm

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to source a good picture of the 73, 000 euro set up. But the picture of the queue lining up to see and hear it, along with a description and a breakdown of the component costs, comes from .

And that leads me to a minor niggle I have about the IFA Berlin. They produce ‘newsletters’ that give some basic information, lots of sound bites and glossy advertorials. They produce many press releases and press photos . The real problem with the exhibition from the point of view of someone who doesn’t attend is the lack of quality images of the products, even from the manufacturers themselves. They are showcasing at the biggest show, putting images of their products on the IFA Berlin Virtual Marketplace , and they still think that this will inspire people to look further:

Ami life HomeCenter Media was another feature at IFA Berlin:

amitech amilife homecenter media tm

The description makes it sound interesting and I’m sure it is a very worthy addition:

Music center, TV harddisk recording, photo album with slideshow features, internet browsing, chat, email and information center for the family.

This unique entertainment center is easy to use with its touch screen and an elegant user interface.

Danish design in metal casing and softcoated in one of several design colours.

But, to be honest, I would prefer to be able to actually see the product in the picture. There are many other examples of this across many suppliers, and I picked this one at random.

Still, there is only one real solution to this problem – go to the exhibition myself next year and see things firsthand. Then I will be able to take all the images I need myself and won’t have to spend hours trawling for things that don’t exist. Does anyone have any spare airmiles…..?

Berlin, 3 September 2008 – By the morning of 3 September IFA Berlin 2008 had attracted an attendance of some 220,000 from Germany and abroad.

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