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How-to: Creative Hippie Fashion for ’08

| July 25, 2021 | 0 Comments
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Hippie Fashion

The hippie style is popular again, and just in time for spring or summer weather, depending on where you live. Florals and headbands are big, along with a dreamy, earthier palette for both clothes and makeup.

Flowy dresses in varying lengths are great for warm weather, and are very low-maintenance with a designer handbag for a night out or over a swimsuit for a day trip to the beach. For chillier nights, bell-bottom jeans are back! They aren’t my favorite look, but if you’re gonna do it, do it for summer, paired with a delicate tube top and a flower in your hair.

If the flowy, white eyelet dresses aren’t quite practical for where you live, you can still embrace the hippie trend with a flowy tank or peasant top with a pair of skinny jeans. For me, pastels get boring fast, so I suggest mixing some earthy pieces with outrageous colors. Wrap yourself in neons or super saturated colors like turquoise and deep purple. Or wear your pastels with a brightly-colored scarf for just a pop of color . For accessories, pile on large hoops and bangles, giving your look an almost gypsy twist.

Flowers , as mentioned, are another big look, so do it up like Carrie Bradshaw, with a flower in your hair, or pinned to your shirt or belt. A blossom can make a simple outfit instantly playful and feminine.

I did not expect headbands to make a comeback so quickly (it seems like that trend just faded), but I’m excited that they are. Purchase a fun headband to be worn wrapped around the head however you choose. Slip on a grade-school style hair piece or wear a band around your head like Pocahontas. Low on cash? Wrap your hair in a bandanna or an extra shoelace. Or follow this guide from Nylon Blogs and create your own headband look.

Strappy sandals, especially the trendy gladiator sandals , add to an earthy vibe this season. The gladiator strappys can be purchased as flats or as heels. If you prefer flip-flops, grab them in earth tones like olive or brown, or in a bright gold.

For your makeup, anything goes, but a watercolor -like application will work no matter what color palette you choose. Sweep light colors across your lids and cheekbones for just a wash of color, or layer on richer colors for more drama. You don’t have to go without your eyeliner, but blend it into the color of your shadow. Play lips up or down, and keep your eyebrows thick but kempt.

Even if none of these style points appeal to you, you can still take some direction from the hippie front – give out love, and take care of our planet .

Hippie style is popular again, and just in time for spring or summer weather, depending on where you live.

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