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Fashionably greening your wardrobe

| September 22, 2021 | 0 Comments
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Green fashion has taken on a new meaning, as seen at the New York Fashion Week which ended last Friday. If you think wearing sustainable, eco-friendly clothing means donning drab, unattractive styles, you are highly mistaken. Even high fashion has gone down the environmental path, so here’s a little sampling of designers and shows to delight your eyes as well as your conscience.


The fashion design collective Ekovaruhuset, based out of New York and Stockholm, presented their House of Organic show as part of New York Fashion Week. All of Ekovaruhuset’s clothes are designated as “Fair Made,” which means the designers support producers who practice fair working conditions as well as encouraging small, local production.



Danish company NOIR combines simple Scandinavian design with eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton. As a company, NOIR is also incredibly socially responsible, striving to comply with standards set up by the ICC Business Charter for Sustainable Development, the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Global Compact Principles.


Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design

With a January 26 show entitled “Recyckling Mulitplikacje,” Polish designers showed of their eco-design skills which entailed making fashionable clothing out of recycled materials like paper and plastic. The school has been training students to make ecological clothes for over ten years and the experience pays off; this show was much more than simply throwing on a plastic bag and calling it a dress.


House of Tammam

British designer Lucy Tammam’s label House of Tammam is the epitome of London chic. For this years London Fashion Week the company is teaming up with Smart LPG and The Electric Transport Shop to do a fashion walkaround the city, bringing the smart looks to the London streets.


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