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Discovering Writers No One Reads Heart 2020

| September 8, 2020 | 0 Comments
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Writers no one reads

I often direct my browser to 50 Watts, a reliably illuminating archive lesser-known creative works and minor design masterpieces—book cover design in particular. Its author, Will Schofield, is also one of the reasons but does it float never ceases to amaze.

But I’ve only recently discovered  what Schofield calls a side project, Writers No One Reads. It’s a nice resource for bibliophiles who enjoy making new discoveries, or exploring the back eddies of literary culture. Browse the site and you’ll undoubtedly come across a number of unfamiliar names with intriguing claims to greatness. These are often backed by reference to some more famous writer, who at some point pronounced so-and-so (the one you’ve never heard of) to be brilliant, a genius,  a personal favorite, etc.

The posts on Writers No One Reads are short and often a bit melancholy in tone, each one introducing some worthy but sadly forgotten or neglected literary figure. Some of the introductions are written by the blogger,  but others are submitted by readers–there’s  even a submit button at the top. The site has been running for less than a year, and the archives show that posting may be trailing off a bit. I hope that trend reverses itself, as more readers discover the site and nominate their favorite under-appreciated authors for consideration.

Writers no one reads

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