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Creative Minimalist WordPress Theme Design – Modicus Remix 2020

| November 3, 2020 | 0 Comments
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This free minimalist WordPress theme is based off of Upstart Blogger’s WordPress theme “Modicus “. Thus aptly titled “Modicus Remix”. The original Modicus theme may be a tad more versatile (such as a three-column option, which remix does NOT have). So if you plan on wanting another column, or a simpler starting point, I would recommend the original theme. To install Modicus Remix on your own WordPress blog, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Modicus Remix Minimalist WordPress Theme
Modicus Remix Minimalist WordPress Theme

Demo now up. Click Here

Updated 5/7/2008: WordPress 2.5+ Support / Improved HTML/CSS / Dramatically optimized theme

Step One

Download the theme package hereExtract and upload the modicus-remix folder to your /wp-content/themes/ folder inside your blog.

Step Two

  • Login to your WordPress administration panel
  • Click Presentation, and select Modicus Remix as your theme.

If you already have categories, or know what you want your navigation to look like, you can edit the header and footer files to reflect what categories you want to link to. These links need to be manually added in the files through the presentation section of WordPress, once you decide what pages/categories you want to list.

Step Three

To create your archives page, you will need to create a new “Page” in wordpress. Name this page anything you like, most likely ‘Archives’. Make sure you set the template (on the right sidebar) to use the “Archives” template. You will also want to edit the actual Archives.php file from your presentation section of WordPress to fill in or remove your author profile, which has links to the authors articles and a small about me paragraph. This theme will be supported as best I can, but primarily this is an unsupported theme , and you will need to seek your own counsel when trying to use or modify it. The theme is free to use, spread, modify, do whatever you like with. Let me know with a comment if you decide to use the theme, and where I can check it out. Hope it’s enjoyed!

You will need to seek your own counsel when trying to use or modify it theme.

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