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ArtCulture continues to provide fresh news and perspectives on contemporary art and the broader realm of creative culture. Our primary focus is on artists, designers, and innovators from all fields whose work recognizes and responds in some way to the challenges of the present historical moment. We do not idealize or overestimate the role of artists as agents of social change; nor do we underestimate that role. We believe that art, however broadly or exclusively one may wish to define it, has always been a realm of problem-solving. So it must be now.

In our arts coverage we draw few hard boundaries. The ideas, works and projects we discuss extend from the museums and galleries to the streets, from design laboratories to desktop studios, from old media to new. The cultural memes and themes we follow are those of artistic and ecological innovation, of visionary resistance and pragmatic, sustainable practices. We see a complex landscape in which art, design, science, and various forms of politics are increasingly interconnected, drawing ideas and inspiration from one another. A major goal of this site is to help better define and document that connectivity, and whatever new ideas and practices may stem from it.

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