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7 Impressive Decades of Man Ray in Paris Photography

| October 10, 2020 | 0 Comments
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7 Decades of Man Ray in Paris Photography

Parisians and visitors to the French capital have the chance to take advantage of the interesting show at the Pinacotheque de Paris, completely dedicated to American-born artist Man Ray. One of the fathers of surrealism and Dadaism, Man Ray is remembered for his work that often verged on the ridiculous.

Born Emmanuel Radnitzy, in 1999 ArtNews named Man Ray one of the twentieth centuries 25 most influential artists. He spent much of his life in Paris, and the influence of the city and its artists are evident in his work. He joined other big names in the Surrealist movement — Jean Arp, Max Ernst, Joan Miro and Pablo Picasso — securing his place in art history.

Spanning almost his whole life, “Atelier Man Ray” photography presents visitors with a look at some of the best- and least-known of Man Ray’s work. Many of the pieces have until known rarely been seen by the public, opening up a new side to the diverse artist that dabbled in photography, painting, sculpture and lithography.

The show may well be best remembered by its collection of odd objects: a blue baguette, a life-size pair of gold lips, and a magnetic travel chess set. Admirers of Man Ray’s more modernistic work will be pleased with the selection of his photographic experiments called rayographs; stark black and white prints created by placing objects directly on photographic paper and exposing them to light.

“Atelier Man Ray” continues through June 1, 2008.

manray tears 1930
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Spanning almost his whole life, “Atelier Man Ray” presents visitors with a look at some of the best- and least-known of Man Ray’s work photography.

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