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3XN – Amazing Orestad Gymnasium, Denmark Design

| November 3, 2020 | 0 Comments
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They used to say ‘a light bulb goes on in your mind’ when knowledge happens. The Danish architects at 3XN already realize the sun is the true source of knowledge – providing fuel for each global system. Imagine the power more sunlight can provide young minds hard at work in their schools.

3XN – Orestad Gymnasium, Denmark Design

Orestad College (high school) opened this year just south of central Copenhagen in the development area of Orestad. The superstructure of the building is formed by four boomerang-shaped platforms that rotate over four floors and remain open to one another allowing for a seamless interconnection of space throughout the school. This open, high central hall, known as the X-zone, is linked by a stairway that helps promote interdisciplinary communication and cooperation among the various teaching and study spaces.


Transparent glass shades automatically rotate on the exterior of the building allowing light in and providing an array of colors to the interior environments. By manipulating the sunlight the entire student body becomes aware of the passing of time and the changing of the seasons as the school year progresses.

Sustainability for education can certainly begin with the design of the school itself, and 3XN has successfully integrated the traditional Scandinavian aspects of functionality with clarity and beauty in form. By Andrew J Wiener


The Danish architects Design at 3XN already realize the sun is the true source of knowledge.

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