Artistic Interpretation

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Art…a word with many meanings. For my purpose here, let me qualify this particular word to mean…creative or imaginative activity esp. the expressive arrangement of elements within a medium.

I am speaking only of the finished product of the creative or imaginative activity. The art, in whatever form it was presented was meant to create a reaction.

A finished product is meant to invoke a response, but firstly to tell a story. Even if that story is…Look at me, I am the only perfect rose, pose, or landscape you will see today. My colors, my light, my expression are all trying to tell you something about how I feel. My words carry the most meaning so listen to them. I am trying to tell you how I view life today and maybe even tomorrow. Love me, feel sorry for me, adore me, respect me, accept me, appreciate me. Think of me as an artistic genius.

Art is meant to express an idea or feeling coming from the artist. It is as much about the idea or feeling, as the avenue used to relay that information.

It is sad that so many artists have felt the blunt end of disapproval by those wishing to impress upon others their understanding of the techincal process of expression. There can be a desire to flaunt this knowledge as if they were part of some secret society of understanding. This source of knowledge does not make someone a true artist nor does it make them any more understanding of the inspiration set before them.

Some say that the interpretation, of any art form, can be something different to each person. This may be true but I do not believe that this is the true intent of the work.

When you know who you are trying to tell the story to then you have a much better chance of getting a reaction to your need for connection.

Everyone wants their efforts to be appreciated. They want to know that they have connected with another person in some way. Art is a great way to achieve this connection. If there is no response then there is no connection.

If a finished product does not inspire an emotional awareness to it’s audience but instead receives only a sincere disinterest or apathy, can it truly be a work of Art? Sure. Art does not have to be great. Look around you. There are terrible examples of art everyday. But to find a piece of work that actually makes you think about something outside yourself….well that is what we all hope for when we think of the word… Art.

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