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• September 10, 2007 • Comments (127)

This free minimalist WordPress theme is based off of Upstart Blogger’s WordPress theme “Modicus “. Thus aptly titled “Modicus Remix”. The original Modicus theme may be a tad more versatile (such as a three-column option, which remix does NOT have). So if you plan on wanting another column, or a simpler starting point, I would recommend the original theme. To install Modicus Remix on your own WordPress blog, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

modicus thumbnail Minimalist Wordpress Theme   Modicus Remix

Modicus Remix Minimalist WordPress Theme

Demo now up. Click Here

Updated 5/7/2008: WordPress 2.5+ Support / Improved HTML/CSS / Dramatically optimized theme

Step One

Step Two

  • Login to your WordPress administration panel
  • Click Presentation, and select Modicus Remix as your theme.

If you already have categories, or know what you want your navigation to look like, you can edit the header and footer files to reflect what categories you want to link to. These links need to be manually added in the files through the presentation section of WordPress, once you decide what pages/categories you want to list.

Step Three

To create your archives page, you will need to create a new “Page” in wordpress. Name this page anything you like, most likely ‘Archives’. Make sure you set the template (on the right sidebar) to use the “Archives” template. You will also want to edit the actual Archives.php file from your presentation section of WordPress to fill in or remove your author profile, which has links to the authors articles and a small about me paragraph. This theme will be supported as best I can, but primarily this is an unsupported theme , and you will need to seek your own counsel when trying to use or modify it. The theme is free to use, spread, modify, do whatever you like with. Let me know with a comment if you decide to use the theme, and where I can check it out. Hope it’s enjoyed!

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A graphic and web designer, and the founder of an eccentric northwest design studio. Now living in Seattle for the past three years, loving the art, music, and culture it has to offer. Fan of coffee, travel, and the occasional slow jam. Believes people should listen to more Bob Marley, and watch less TV.

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Comments (127)

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  1. david says:

    One of the best looking themes i’ve seen in along time. Great work!

  2. April says:

    I would have to agree.

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  4. Fath says:

    Hello there. It’s a nice theme. But the header banner isn’t displaying. Do i need to do something to make it display?

  5. john says:

    Fath — the easiest way seems to be just change the ‘#headerstripe’ property in the style.css file to match the banner you’d like… you lose the stripes, but that may not be a bad thing. The only problem (other than you now have only one banner for all pages) is on the 404 page, where you’ll now have two headers — the new banner plus the 404 banner. You can decide what you’d like to do about that..

    More help would be nice — I did like the way each page had a different banner on the site but I think these bits were removed for the public download.

    Great theme though…


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  8. andy says:

    I’ve got 2.3 working on Modicus Remix with the latest version of live archive. Just an FWI.

  9. andy says:

    Or, just an FYI.

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  12. venz says:

    this is great! however, maybe u could reconsider in your instructions the part overwriting all existing plugins. most might have existing plugins that they would want to continue using and/or they would needing in case they would want to change back to their old theme theme for whatever reason.

    thanks alot!

  13. Karey Shane says:

    I clicked on the Modicus Remix link on Smash Magazine. I like your site even better, Brad! It took me the longest time to realize that this was not another version of Modicus Remix (with which I’m not familiar.) Boy did I feel like an idjut. Did you do this site yourself? It’s phenomenal.

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  15. Alexandra says:

    This theme does look nice but as you said, but it is a work in progress indeed! I don’t have a banner showing but worse: my posts appears in the side columns when one continues the lecture away from the home page!

    May you help me?

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  17. Guy says:


    It’s the end of January 2008 and I’m considering updating my current WP blog to use the Modicus Remix theme; can anyone help with a couple of questions?

    1 – Any known compatibility issues with WordPress Version 2.3.2?
    2 – Is the theme widget enabled? (I can’t see any statement on this)?
    3 – What advice would you offer / check’s to be made / work-arounds that I should be aware of before implementing this theme?
    4 – Other examples of the theme in use? – I’ve seen the excellent

    Another general questions to Brad…. I really like the ‘Featured Article’ functionality in the “Magazine News” theme:

    1 – Any plans to include this in the “Remix” theme? Or, has anyone done this – would you care to share?
    2 – Can you assign particular images / banners to individual posts? Or can only one be displayed at any one time?

    Thanks for making the theme available.


  18. adam w says:

    anyone have this issue:

    With “Users must be registered and logged in to comment” checked off in the admin area, and you’re logged out on the front end, the sidebar doesn’t float right anymore, it ends up under the posts. I found this issue on versions 2.2/x and 2.3.x. Anyone else run into this?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you


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  20. Pete says:

    Awesome looking theme, but i too am wondering where my ‘featured article’ is… How do i go about implementing this? I love it!

  21. » Finally! says:

    [...] to the experts) and adopt a pre-made wordpress theme. And to make the story short, presenting!  Modicus Remix by which was featured in Smashing Magazine as one of the best minimalist theme [...]

  22. adam
    Haven’t seen it, if you link the problem blog I’ll take a quick peek.

  23. [...] und ich demnächst Zeit finde, ausführlicher zu Bloggen.Das Theme ist übrigens «Modicus Remix» von Artculture und wird mit Sicherheit noch einiges an Modifikation erleben … Aber ein guter [...]

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  25. Steven says:

    What’s an amazing theme. I like this one.

    Great job~

  26. Hanna says:

    I am having the same problem as adam :(

    brad, loggin to your theme and/or check it, then please try to logged out and check the single page so you can see the error we were referring to. i’d been through all files but can’t seem to find the error :/

  27. Maggie says:

    It seems that your fabulous theme doesn’t work with the new WordPress 2.5. I am so sad… Are there any plans to make the theme compatible? It would be a shame if it were to get lost in the upgrade shuffle.

  28. helve says:

    hi, i really appreciate your modicus remix theme. since i use it for my art weblog (in german language) i never had the feeling to search another wp-design. it’s really fantastic work.

  29. nomcast says:

    Maggie, what issues have you encountered with WP 2.5? I just installed it along with Modicus Remix and am just about to publish my first post on my new blog. The only thing I’ve noticed so far is that the Preview Post function doesn’t work.
    Brad, I really like the theme. Looking to get a compatible version as well with the new WP install.

  30. kux says:

    i am geting errors (WP 2.5)
    i activated all plugins. i don’t know how to solve this. any idea?

  31. I’ll be updating the theme soon to support WordPress 2.5 – Probably no more then a week

  32. jayson says:

    How far along are you with the update? I have a brand new blog I’d like to use this wonderful theme for.

  33. Bartek says:

    That’s a brilliant theme, thanks. I’m gonna use it for my wife’s blog.

  34. Anthony says:

    Im getting this error on the page. Does anyone know what is causing this?
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: akst_share_link() in /mnt/w0706/d34/s26/b02783b1/www/ on line 7

  35. rik says:

    Awesome theme, dude. Thumbs up!

  36. rik says:

    hey people with the akst_share_link() problem, i think that’s because you didn’t install the required plugin. put a conditional in there if you don’t want to use it (i guess the theme could have done a function_exists()…

  37. rik says:

    hey brad if you’re updating this soon, it would be cool too if category links and page links were generated dynamically…

  38. andrew Field says:

    any word on when the new release supporting 2.5 will be ready?? dying to use the theme, but getting the same errors as above ^^
    Thanks :)

  39. pergam says:

    Really nice theme! Thank you very much, I may just have to switch over to this new one…

  40. All outstanding issues should be resolved. Theme has been updated, post here with any bugs. Thanks!

  41. kerry says:

    Hey i love the theme, well done sir and thank you kindly for putting it out there. I have but one question, is there a way by default to keep the large picture header or do I need to go in and edit the html and put it in myself.?
    Thanks again.

  42. Kerry: You would need to go in and add it yourself into the header, or wherever else. When I was using them on the first versions of artculture, I setup different category pages, so I could use different header graphics on different categories.

  43. Yonghwee says:

    Wow! This is an outstanding theme. One of the best minimalistic themes for WordPress. Period.
    I’ve using it on my blog!

  44. A wonderfull theme i use it on my own website now, i changed it a little bit but its great!

  45. Brian says:

    Sorry if this is a silly question. How do I get rid of the blog title on the sidebar and replace is with something like what you have “About the author: Brad Mahaffey”

  46. Alexis J says:

    Using in my blog with some modifications (and french translation). Nice !  :)

  47. jocuri says:

    Awesome theme, dude. Thumbs up!

  48. Dennis says:


    As my understanding, this is widget-enable WordPress theme. However, when I tried to use some features from the widget, it just can’t show in my page.

    For example, I activate the calendar at my widget section, but it doesn’t show at my blog. Why?

    Anything I missed here?


  49. Dave says:

    The theme looks great in Firefox but it’s not dispalying properly in IE7 ??

    Any suggestions?

  50. Roni says:

    Awesome, so SEO friendly

  51. Guido says:

    How do i get that banner that is shown in the preview? The banner image with all the colors that art thingy! I want it badly? I installed the theme but I dont have the banner…

  52. E says:

    Thanks for a great theme! I’m tinkering with some customizations and trying to set a background color apart from the posts. Does anyone know how to do this?

    See what I have so far here:

    I set the posts and sidebar to white, but I want the white to extend all the way down to the footer so everything’s even. I’m sure it’s something simple that I’m missing.

    Any help would be loved!

  53. angela says:

    Very nice and clean, which I like.

  54. Hey! Love this theme!!! Kudos!!! Used it on my own blog:

  55. jay says:

    great theme!

    question: on clicking on a post heading or category, the titles etc appear in the top of the sidebar rather than in the main column. which part of the code controls this? i want to change it. thanks!

  56. Remix says:

    Really cool theme – very plain and simple, which gives it an uncluttered feel. Great for mostly text blogs imo.

  57. minanube says:

    one word : Thanks :D

  58. jane says:

    Is there any way to edit the navigation so that sub-pages do not show up?


  59. Change the wp_list_pages in the header.php file to something like this:

    depth=1 means that only top level pages will be displayed

  60. hmmmm….
    It looks like the code is not displaying here…
    add the depth=1 parameter as an argument to your wp_list_pages tag in the header.php file

  61. jane says:

    Thanks for the tip. I know this is a stupid question, but how do I add an argument? Do I simply copy depth=1 where “title_li=” used to be? If so, this seems to break the nav and display extra characters like “Page” above the nav.

  62. joan says:

    Thanks for the theme. It’s awesome… We are remixing it. Check it out.

  63. Yes, you have to add the “depth=1″ argument to where “title_li=” is. If you want to preserve the title of the nav that says “Pages” then put it instead the “title_li=”, however, if you want to get rid of it, then your whole thing will look like this: “wp_list_pages(‘title_li=&depth=1′)”
    Hope this helps

  64. jane says:

    It worked! Many thanks!

  65. Tech Blog says:

    I love this theme, I love the simplicity of it, very nice work

  66. Yontrakarn says:

    Thank You >_<

  67. Tony says:

    Well the first thing I want to say is wow… Ive been looking over your site for over an hour now and you are very Very talented… Im something of an amatuer designer myself and have been thinking about starting to design a few themes… I wonder if you can give me a little advice… Where do you get the color ideas from… I know the above theme was a kind of a different approach to an existing theme but what about when you start from scratch? I used to use a tool at this color chart website but it seems they have taken it down… do you have any color scheme tools that you use or do you start from scratch off the top oif your head? thanks


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  69. Fred says:

    Hi – THANK YOU for this template.. It’s so nice.
    I have a problem though, I can’t show comments in my posts. It says that its disabled, though its not.
    Can anyone help me here?

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  71. karen says:

    Is there a way make where the main title displays, a picture instead of text? For example, in the sample where it says Art Culture, make that a picture. thanks for any help!

  72. luigi d'baggio says:

    its possible use a logo, black stripes and then a header banner, just like the picture preview of modicus remix?

    i want to use a logo, but also i want a header banner, but i dont want to loose the black stripes, if you see the artculture logo in this modicus remix, its on the header but also have a tiny part floating in the right corner, how do you that?

    im not good coding in css or php, if i modify the css stripelines i can use a banner, but i don’t want to  lose it, but also want the logo and the headstripes :(

    please help

  73. luigi d'baggio says:

    i want use a image display, or use above a logo, text, stripes and then header banner :(

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  75. Johan says:

    Hej Brad,
    thank you for the  modicus remix theme!
    I’m using it at and it runs really nicely and looks great. I havent modified it at all, might do some minor minor changes (putting sponsor logos from sidebar to underneath footer) but really like it. What I might have to change is our blogg/company logo to meet up with the standard…
    This is my first wordpress experience and I truely enjoy it, used to work without publishing tool at my former sites… heavy…
    May i make a wich for a premium theme? A visual, portfolio-like theme to display designwork easily. And a webshop to go with it -but I assume thats another story?
    Part from my work at the emergency housing project I run a company with family and friends, Our site rally needs an upgrade. We would love to run it under wordpress, so we just wait for a suitable theme from you;) Anyone in development that would be suitable youthink?
    Keep up the good work!

  76. I need to know how to display the logo image in my blog

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  78. admin says:

    I am using the Modicus Remix Theme for my website, I am trying to add a custom header, which I have created in Illustrator. I can’t quite figure out how to edit the html code to add an image. Do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you,

  79. amazing theme!! thanks for sharing!!!!!!!

  80. Alex says:

    You have an outstanding good and well structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it.p

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  83. Derek Land says:

    I’ve heavily modified the theme for one my sites, but it was an excellent basis to start from.

    Just wanted to say, Good work, and thanks for giving it away!

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